Fancy Custom Modifications On Your Car In Crawley?

Do you want custom modifications on your car in Crawley, to take it to the next level?

Hyper-Tune offer a huge range of services, including custom modifications for both the exterior and interior of your vehicle.

Whether you’re after custom bodywork, or want to enhance the performance of your vehicle, Hyper-Tune have a highly-qualified team of engineers to work on your car.

Our team work all over Sussex and Surrey, including in Crawley.

Our services include what’s known as ECU remapping which improve how your engine functions.

This quick process can boost both the power and economy of your car by altering the settings on the Engine Control Unit (ECU)- the computer that controls how the engine works.

Remapping overwrites the existing settings and installs new software which will enhance the performance of your vehicle. This process was previously known as ‘chipping’ but is now usually referred to as ECU remapping. It usually only takes between one to two hours, is completely legal and will not affect your vehicle’s MOT.

Benefits of ECU remapping include lower fuel costs, improved power for a safer driving experience, and improved performance, such as easier acceleration.

If you’re interested in our custom modifications, simply call us on +44 1342 323500.